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Hair Removal FAQ

If your inquiry cannot be answered by the FAQs (frequently asked questions) provided below, please Contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

  • I have used hair removal creams in the past but I hate the chemical smell they leave behind, does your product have this smell?
Minerals of Eden hair removal products combine naturally occurring ingredients with cutting-edge technology, ensuring that there is no offensive or chemical smell while using it. Infused with essential oils, it pampers and nourishes your skin, leaving it feeling luxurious and smelling good
  • Do I really have to do a patch test? Even if I have already used a hair removal cream?
Yes, always. Your body can change – the skin’s hormonal balance and chemistry changes with season, age and physical health. You must always check for reactions with any new products you use on your skin
  • Will my hair grow back stubbly?
No, because hair removal cream dissolves the hair rather than cuts it, leaving a thinner edge to the hair shaft
  • Will I need to exfoliate my skin before and after use?
No, because the hair removal cream takes off the very top layer of dead skin when it removes the hair. This means your skin will be smoother, silkier and more healthy-looking after hair removal, without the need for additional exfoliation
  • Will my hairs grow back thicker and faster if I remove them?
No. This is a myth. Hair growth on the face and body is determined by hormones and genetics and not by removing it. However, shaving cuts the hair off at the skin’s surface which leads to stubbly regrowth which gives the appearance of thicker hair. What is special about MofE hair removal cream is that it dissolves the hairs a little below the surface of the skin meaning regrowth is finer and less noticeable. In time you will find you actually need to remove your hair less
  • When is the best time to use your facial hair removal cream? In the morning or in the evening?
It is always a good idea to give your skin some time to replenish and calm after removal hair so we recommend using MofE facial hair removing cream in the evening before you go to bed.
  • Can I wear make-up straight after removing my facial hair?
We recommend that you leave some time between removing your hair and putting additional products onto the skin.
  • Can I use MofE hair removal cream on other parts of my body?
MofE have created specially formulated products for all parts of the body so please make sure that you use the correct product for your needs. Please read Precautions and Warnings before use.
  • What areas of the body should I not use the hair removal cream?
You should not use the MofE removal creams on sensitive areas such as your: eyebrows, around eyes, inside nose, ears, lips, breast nipples, perianal or vaginal area/genital areas, head & scalp. You must always read instructions of use, precautions and warnings prior to use.
  • How long will it be until my hair grows back?
This very much depends on each individual. It could be a week, it could be several weeks. There will be no stubbly re-growth, the hair grows back very fine.
  • Will people be able to see that I have used a hair remover?
No. MofE products provide a nourishing, pampering spa experience for your skin, so after removing hair, your skin will be smooth and glowing and hair free!
  • Can I use moisturizer on my skin after using the hair removal cream?
Yes of course, although it may not be necessary because our cream is enriched with high levels of Dead Sea minerals and mud which will moisturize and smooth your skin while gently and effectively removing your hair. We recommend using a fragrance-free product if you wish to moisturize.
  • I have very sensitive skin on my face, can I still use your product to remove my hair?
MofE products contain natural ingredients which are suitable for every skin type. However it is ALWAYS recommended to follow the instructions to do a skin-reaction test before using any hair removal cream.
  • How often can I use the hair removal cream for the face?
All our hair removal products can be used once a week if needed. We do not recommend that you use them more frequently than this.
  • When I remove my facial hair I find that the skin is always irritated and red for a few days after – why is your hair removal product different?
MofE facial hair remover works in two clear steps. You first prepare your facial skin with a conditional and protective balm. Then you use the mineral-rich hair removal cream. You don’t need to scrub the skin, you simply wipe the cream away after it has worked to leave your face glowing, smooth and fresh with no redness or irritation.
  • I have very coarse hairs on my upper lip. Is this cream going to work on those hairs or will I need to also wax them to remove them all?
You will only ever need to use your MofE cream on your upper lip. The advanced formulation is strong enough to remove even the darkest, coarsest hairs and will leave you surprised at the smoothness and dewiness of the resulting skin.
  • How long can I leave the MofE facial hair removal cream on for?
You must always do a test patch and we recommend removing the cream after 6 minutes. However, you must not exceed 10 minutes
  • Do you test on animals?
The MofE Policy is that we do not test any of our products or any of the ingredients on animals, anywhere in the world. In addition all the MofE products are marked with the "No Animal Testing Icon".